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Quod mens sibi proponere, caro efficere potest.

All that the mind can imagine, the flesh can accomplish.

11/20/11 05:51 pm - Mikey's Video Messages


As you are aware Mikey has been sick for a while now and he and his amazing wife Bec have been staying strong and fighting hard all this time.
I've been told that Mikey has been enjoying watching DVDs and TV and downloaded movies and shows lately and I know he appreciates everyone's messages of love and support so I thought it would be a great idea to combine these things and create and upload some video messages for Mikey.
This means Mikey will still be able to see people who may be too far away to come and visit and he will be able to watch our videos whenever he has the time and energy. We all know how horrible it is to be stuck at home when you're sick - now we can all keep Mikey company and keep his spirits up.

So what do we need you to do?

* record a video for Mikey - it can be any length (30 seconds or 30 minutes, whatever you like) and it can be about anything you want. It might be a video message to say hi and send your love, it could be a clip or video you think Mikey would like, you could get together with a bunch of people to record something. Be creative and feel free to record or create more than one video!
If you have or can find footage of Mikey from anything (eg. bands he was in) it would be fantastic if we could have it!
* contact Karma at karmashka@hotmail.com for the YouTube account name and password
* upload your video/s!
* spread the word to anyone else you know who is friends with Mikey. We'd love to have as many video messages as possible :)

This is something we can all get involved in - all you need is a video camera, a webcam or a phone or camera that can record video. Check out the YouTube website for supported formats here: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=55744

If you have any questions or need some help please contact Karma at karmashka@hotmail.com

4/17/11 08:05 pm - Fun run & stuff

*happy dance*

I walked in my first ever fun run today with Jo and Pete and it was great. I thought I'd just do this one, cross it off my 'bucket list' and never do it again. I've always sort of felt like 'fun and 'run' don't belong in the same sentence together but we did this one at a brisk walk and I really enjoyed myself. It was pretty amazing seeing the 8km runners passing us - they were running their guts out and it looked so painful. I can't imagine ever wanting to do something like that for fun but I definitely want to do another walk or even one of the shorter runs when I'm fit enough. Next time I definitely won't spend the night before having dinner at a friend's place and getting wasted - I felt fine this morning but it would have been much easier to get out of bed and get to Kings Park on time if I hadn't done that.

Looks like Christine and I are going to do the Run for a Reason (hbfrun.com.au) on the 22nd of May. My charity will be Lifeline WA so I'm hoping to raise some funds and maybe get a few other people to come along. The course is going to be good fun too - we get to go along the freeway and through the Northbridge tunnel.

After the fun run/walk Dan drove me home so I could shower and get changed before his parents came over. We all went out for lunch at Avenue Nine - I hadn't eaten breakfast so by that time I was really hungry but I still couldn't finish the huge serve of Spaghetti Pescatore I was given. So yummy.

After lunch we went to Miaflora so that I could buy some seed potatoes. We went home and Dan fixed some stuff on Julie's computer for her while Barry watched The Expendables and Julie & I struck some cuttings of rosemary and lavender.

After they left I was really tired but resisted the urge to have an afternoon nap as I didn't want to throw off my sleeping pattern. I was probably being a bit ambitious when I decided to do some gardening and plant some potato seeds but I'm glad I got it out of the way. I have my potatoes in tyres and a foam box, my tomatoes have been fertilised with manure and the soil in the raised bed has been topped up as it has settled a bit. I also organised some of the storage room out there and moved the compost bin to a better spot. There's still plenty of work to do but I'm happy to have potatoes planted so soon.

Now I'm chilling out in bed and thinking I'll sleep exceptionally well tonight. I just remembered the gluten-free lime and coconut cupcakes Jo gave us this morning - omigosh so yummy. What a pity Dan doesn't like coconut, I guess I'll just have to take care of his cupcake for him tomorrow. Om nom nom.

I'm not particularly looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but it's not so bad as I'm coming off a three day weekend. Unlike most people I won't be having a 5 day weekend this weekend. I'm working 8 hours on Good Friday and another 8 hours on Anzac Day. I'm happy about this though as I still get a 3 day weekend and I'll get paid ridiculously well for working the public holidays. Which means extra cash for Bali and for my next tattoo. :)

Unbeatable Banzuke is on TV - time to shut down the laptop and watch!

4/10/11 08:27 pm - Just stuff

Things I've learnt recently:

* Sometimes if you don't ask you don't get. I shouldn't worry about what the answer might be, especially when I knew all along that the answer wouldn't be 'no' and at worst would just be 'not right now'.

* How to sew a scoodie (combination hoodie & scarf). I have so much love for this.
Here's the reversible scoodie I made yesterday. Definite... on Twitpic

* I was very much under-rating the importance of curtains.

* I knew this one already but it has been reinforced again: sometimes it's easier and better to just let go than to hold on to something that won't get you anywhere in the end. I'm feeling quite Zen about this.

The last few days I've

* had a much needed day off work. Thank gods for my monthly RDO, I might have finally snapped and screamed at my co-workers to harden the fuck up otherwise.
* gotten a lot of organising done around the house. Much more to do but Dan's studio looks awesome now
* spent an afternoon with an adored friend who somehow makes everything better for a while
* spent some proper quality time with Dan which, on top of everything else, made everything wonderful and shiney

Life being what it is I'm sure work and housework and everything else will piss me off eventually and stuff will be not-so-shiney but days of awesomeness like I've had will fix it all again.

4/3/11 10:37 am - Babies

It's my oldest nephew's first birthday today. His Mum posted a little birthday message on facebook and part of it said "I feel so complete and lucky to have such a wonderful son".

I'm never having children. Despite never having wanted children and never being interested in babies or playing house as a child I still get questioned about this. Strangers tell me I'm still young, I'll change my mind. It absolutely infuriates me that they think they know something I don't, that they think they know me better than I know myself.

Anyway, statements like the one my sort-of sister-in-law made today make me wonder. Does it somehow make a woman complete? Am I missing something? I'll never know because I've made the choice not to have children but I'm curious what people mean when they say things like that.

When people say things like "you're still young, you'll change your mind" the thought absolutely terrifies me. Is it possible that a person could one day wake up, suddenly feel their biological clock ticking and have an urgent desire to procreate? Even if they have never before felt any desire at all to have children? Even if, such as in my case, the thought of having children had previously been completely against every other wish and want and desire they had for their lives?

I find it hard to believe that it's possible. I think some people make statements when they're really young and then, after a lot of thought and changes to their circumstances they eventually change their minds. They settle down, find the right partner and eventually want to have children. This won't happen in my life. I have the right partner already and he doesn't want children. I've settled down, I'm married, I own a house and have a great job and none of these changes to my circumstances have made me waiver even slightly in my conviction.

It's still a nightmare to me though. The horrible thought that people seem to think that I will one day become someone completely different to who I am now.

Having mentioned my nephew at the beginning of this post I do want to say that I don't think any less of people who do choose to have children. It's just not something I want for myself.

So, happy birthday Cooper. I'm glad to have such a gorgeous little nephew. :)

4/3/11 12:10 am

I'm feeling discontent and vaguely pissed off with the world right now. I say vaguely because there's not any one thing that I can say is specifically making me angry. The one thing that springs to mind right now is something that plays on my mind often but it would be pretty silly of me to get this shitty about it.

Dan & I hung curtains in the loungeroom today. I stupidly took down the curtains and curtain rods that came with the house pretty much the second we moved in because they were hideous, stinky and nicotine-stained and unable to be washed. We've gone without curtains ever since. About 6 months ago we attempted to rectify the situation but the IKEA gods were not smiling on us and our 'great in theory' plan to use the Dignitet curtain wires to hang our beautiful, thick grey curtains were doomed. There was fighting and mistakes and it was all rather dramatic considering it's just curtains. The cats ended up pulling everything out of the wall in the end so we just gave up.
So now the curtains are up. On proper curtain rods from Bunnings. They are now the wrong length. I can fix this easily by re-hemming them but I suspect having them a bit too short may prevent further cat disasters. They don't seem to be as interested in hanging from them this way and they can't ambush each other because their little paws are visible from the other side of the curtains. I'm still feeling somewhat pessimistic about the length of time the curtains will stay up. If the little fur monsters pull them down I might just fucking paint the windows black and be done with the whole issue. >:(

I don't really want to think about how long it took us to get those curtains up. I think we went to Bunnings at about midday and we didn't finish until the sun was setting. There was a large amount of time spent faffing around and staring blankly at the window though. Anyway, I sort of feel like I wasted the day. I'm going to have to try harder to do something that is either fun or productive or, preferably, both tomorrow. Otherwise Monday is going to suck so much. I hate going to work on a Monday after a shitty weekend. It makes work seem a bit pointless.

Well I think it's bed time now. I don't think I can watch any more of Bad Taste. It's a fucking awful movie. And not even in that awesome B grade shit way.

3/17/11 12:10 am

Urg. Home sick with the flu. Fun times.

I did get a visit from one of my favourite people who came bearing gifts of underthings and gave me a much needed massage. The distraction was very much appreciated as I forgot for a while how manky I was feeling.

Now I'm wide awake with a sinus headache so I suspect tomorrow will be another crappy day off work. I love days off work when I'm well but when I'm sick it just involves lying in a dim room trying to work up the energy to have a shower and get dressed before going right back to bed again.

I'm looking forward to the weekend though. I'll do some overtime at work and make some extra $$$, the outdoor table and chairs we're giving away are being picked up and we have vague plans to go to Sin. :)

3/14/11 09:47 pm

I'm feeling a bit over it all today. Work seems to have an abundance of whingy women making life difficult for others because they can't see anything beyond what they want.
Or maybe I'm just way too easily annoyed at the moment. I suspect it's a bit of both.

Today probably wasn't helped by the fact that I may have slightly overdone it last night. I got quite effectively bombed with some friends. Not enough to be sick so I'm obviously learning not to fuck myself up too much but this morning was a real struggle. Totally worth it though, fun times.

We're in the process of clearing out our house a little bit. So far we've chucked bunch of junk (broken shower screen, etc) in the skip bin we get for free from the council. We've also sold Dan's synth, we're giving away some furniture and we're selling one of the cars. Next step: sell Dan's collectible figures, or as I like to call them: GEEK TOYS. And sell some of my clothes and shoes. This is mostly in the interests of de-cluttering and organising our house but any money we make will help us to buy Dan another car and then we'll be saving up for a double bass and solar panels for the house. :)

3/11/11 10:04 pm

There's so much sadness going on right now. Not for me directly, which of course I am thankful for, but my possibly overactive sense of empathy is doing it's thing.

Having been through the death of a family member I don't want anyone to ever have to feel what I felt. I know that it's something the majority of us will feel some time in our lives but I wish it weren't so.
Someone I used to be friends with contacted me recently to ask for advice on dealing with the death of a family member. I'm surprised that they would ask me given we don't speak any more but it was brave of them to do so and I'm glad they did. It can take a lot to reach out for help and there's no way I'd say no to that no matter what the circumstances were between us.
Along with that a person I've known for around 10 years has had a family member pass away very recently. They live in another city and we're not close friends but my heart is hurting for them. It's a different situation to my own but I know I've felt at least some of the feelings they're feeling now and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Sweetheart, I know you might read this and I hope you don't mind.

I haven't been able to watch the news on TV or the last few weeks because of some of the video footage being shown of what happened in New Zealand. Now I won't be watching it because of Japan too. I can read the online news sites and newspapers but video footage is too much for me. :(

...whoops. I just lost some time being distracted by reading about overactive empathy and it's connection with Autism/Aspergers. Neither o which I have but I do have ADD which how I lost all that time...

Anyway, I hope everyone is ok. Wherever you are.

3/6/11 10:47 pm

I'm really tired but very relaxed now. We got up early yesterday and drove to Dan's parent's place in Bunbury. My sister-in-law Jen and her husband Brendan and my lovely little nephew were also there to go to a wedding so we had the whole family together. I think it made Dan's parents really happy to have us all there and spend some time together. :)

This morning we woke up and had breakfast with everyone before heading to Balingup with Dan's parents. Tinderbox was closed for the first time ever, which was a bit disappointing, but we had a nice lunch in town. While we were out we got some fruit, veggies and eggs fresh from the farm. I'm going to make a frittata for breakfast tomorrow. Om nom nom.

I really needed that time away from everything. Feeling much better now.

3/4/11 10:56 pm

I spent most of today feeling very annoyed... work is really fucking busy right now and we're also dealing with a few dramas, people not doing their job properly which is causing more work for the rest of us and a few changes here and there that some people aren't happy about. So it's kind of a stressful place to be even though I love my job.
I'm so glad we have a public holiday on Monday AND I have a flexi on Tuesday so I get a 4 day weekend. I really need the time away from work.
We'll be seeing Dan's Mum and Dad and his sister and her family tomorrow and Sunday, Monday we might go to the Ideal Home Show and Tuesday I'll probably sleep in and then make a couple of skirts and/or dresses. Not terribly exciting stuff but I really just need a break from stuff.

Oh god. I think our crazy drug addicted 'neighbour' (not actually next door thank god) is out watering the plants again. Which wouldn't actually be a problem except he seems to think the plants take water in via their leaves so he aims the hose at the top of the bushes and sprays water into our courtyard. :/
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