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Bunny + tattoo - with added photo goodness!

I managed to get off work early on Tuesday so that we could get to the Cuddly Animal Farm before they closed. I sat down on a stool in the bunny pen and played with them while I tried to work out which one to take home. One of them bit my foot for fun so he was struck off the list. Then 4 of them tried to burgle my handbag. I forgot I had a carrot in it and had put my bag on the ground. They must have sniffed it out so they were burrowing through my things trying to get to it. Cheeky little buggers took a chunk out of the carrot before I stopped them.
I intended to get a male rabbit as having a boy desexed is less invasive and therefore less risky and cheaper. I did my research on how to tell the difference but they were all only babies and it was hard to be sure so I decided to just get the one I liked the most.
I chose this lovely little grey and white baby bunny. I'm calling it a 'she' but I really have no idea what sex she is. I'll find out when she goes to the vet. She had a brother with her who was much bigger so she might be the runt of the litter.
She spent her first night out in the hutch outside but the weather had either been to hot or too rainy for her to stay out there so she has a lovely playpen set up in the laundry whch we move out into the loungeroom when we are home. It's nice to sit with her and play while we're eating dinner or watching TV and the cats alternate between ignoring her or staring at her from a distance.
Yesterday she worked out how to play with a hard plastic cat toy ball with a bell in it that I gave her. She also plays with the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls. Today she spent a few hours with me in the veggie garden while I planted some seedlings (chard, silverbeet and beetroot). It didn't take long for her to nibble on my new seedlings!
We gave her a first name on Thursday. Hyzenthlay. Zen for short. We may add middle names later. :)

In other non-bunny related news I had an appointment yesterday to complete my new tattoo. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get it all done yesterday so I'll need to go back one more time to finish the shading and put the colour in. I'm very happy with it so far though.

1st appointment 13/01/12 - outline complete!

Amanda Fucking Palmer is fucking eating my tattoo! 14/01/12

2nd appointment 03/02/12 - in progress shot half way through the appointment

End of 2nd appointment 03/02/12 - rabbit complete, frame shading 50% done.

Er, actually I just realised it is bunny related because the tattoo is of Inle from Watership Down. But it's not *actual* bunny related. :)
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