boo boo kitty fuck (stickykitty) wrote,
boo boo kitty fuck

Today we went out to Bunnings and the pet store in Malaga to get a few things we needed for the garden and the bunny house.
Afterwards we drove out to the cuddly animal farm to see what rabbits they had there. I saw some lovely ones there with ladyface the other week but they were out with the mobile farm at a kid's party. They're going to hold the male for me so I'll go on Friday to see him and may bring him home with me if we get along ok.
I had intended to get a little guy named Jasper from the rabbit rescue but I spoke to them and it turns out he is a house rabbit only so wouldn't be able to live in an outdoor hutch. I could have moved the hutch into the laundry but I can't guarantee that situation would work for us so I had to pass on taking Jasper in. Happily there is another person interested in him so I'm sure he won't be in foster care for long.
After visiting the animal farm I sat down and attached flyscreen to the front of the hutch to protect the bunny from insects. Then I arranged more shade by attaching another white shower curtain to the fence and up onto the washing line. It's been working well for the veggie garden, protecting my plants from the scorching sun, so I figure this second one will keep the hutch from getting hot in direct sunlight.
The hutch now has a litter tray, ceramic bowl for food and a nice sturdy water bottle, there's some new solar lights in the garden so I can see if I go out there at night to check on the rabbit without disturbing it by turning on the lights, and we are all stocked up with hay and pellets. I found some NIC cubes at Bunnings so I have assembled them to create a run for the rabbit which will keep it contained when we bring it inside for playtime or when the weather is bad.
We are at maximum bunny readiness. :)

We also got some vegetable seedlings to plant out there. Beetroot, rainbow chard, regular chard and I've totally forgotten what else. I have them on the kitchen windowsill waiting to be planted later this week.

After all of that Dan & I were both pretty hot and tired so our plans to go to Northbridge to celebrate Chinese New Year were put aside. I cooked some asparagus and haloumi for myself and made some garlic bread for Dan & I to share.

I bought a few things from Lush the other day so I think now I will run myself a nice bath and finish reading Anansi Boys while I soak. :)
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