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More garden stuff. And rabbit preparation.

Yesterday evening I decided to get onto moving the raised garden bed. During summer I like to do the gardening when the sun is going down. It's cooler, I don't get burnt and I don't have to wait for the weekend to get things done.
Anyway, after lifting the frame up and moving it to the full sun position I was considering for it I realised it didn't really leave enough room to ge t past it to the storeroom. So I moved it around to the other site I had planned for it and shovelled all the soil back into it.

Time for some math! My raised garden bed is 1.2metres long, 0.9 metres wide and it is filled to a depth of 28cm. That's 0.3 cubic metres. The internet is giving me a few different results for the weight of garden soil so I'll go for the lowest one which tells me that 0.3 cubic metres of soil weighs just over 500kg. Add to that the weight of all the pots and shit I had to rearrange to accomodate the bed's new position.

So yesterday I moved at least 500kg of soil.

Moving on to today, we decided to go and buy the hutch for the rabbit. Initially we went to my favourite pet supply store in Malaga but the hutch we wanted (nice wood, weatherproof roof, lots of room and raised up on legs) was already assembled and didn't fit in our car. They didn't have any of the flat packed ones in stock. We decided to try across the road at City Farmers where we found the same cage but it was $50 more! Dan suggested I ask them if they have a flat packed one and if they will do it cheaper because the store across the road had them for $50 less. I'm so glad we asked as it turned out they were happy to price match and they had one flat packed out the back. :)

On the way home Dan talked about putting the hutch in the kitchen garden. This put a spanner in the works for me as I'd always thought we were going to put it out in the front courtyard which is why I've been getting it all tidied up and getting ready to put a roof over the smaller area outside our bedroom windows. Nyargh. Still, it did make sense to put it out in the kitchen courtyard for a few reasons so I agreed it would go out there.

We got the hutch home, I measured it to make sure it would fit out the back door once assembled then sat down to put it together. I'd have put it together outside but it was REALLY hot today and there's much more room in the loungeroom.

Then I thought about where exactly in the kitchen courtyard the hutch would go. And realised the best spot was exaclty where I moved the raised garden bed to yesterday. NYAAAAAAARRGGGH!

So I moved it. Again. Did I mention the soil in it, at a conservative estimate, weighs around 500kg? In the last 2 days I have moved ONE TONNE of soil. I'm pretty sure it was over 30 degrees both times too.

I choose to think of this as a fucking awesome workout. :D

With the soil moved, again, the hutch has been moved to it's new home (one small problem getting it out the door, measurements I did at the start were FAIL because the sliding door doesn't open all the way).

Tomorrow may involve going to play with some bunnies and potentially bringing one home with us. We'll see.

In the meantime I'm happily thinking of things to grow in the garden for the rabbit to eat. :)
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