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Garden stuff

I harvested the last of my tomatoes on Tuesday so it's time to think about what to plant next.
I tried growing beetroot for the first time this season thanks to Dan's parents and it seems you can grow it successfully most months of the year so I may plant some more.
I'll do some broccoli again, last season I accidentally let it flower but it looks really pretty when it does so it's no big deal if I forget it again. I'll try some cauliflower too. I just need to remember to get some seedlings in about a month.
The rainbow chard last winter was fantastic - so easy to grow and very pretty. So I'll definitely get some of that again. I've noticed the roundabout near the Galleria is full of rainbow chard. I find it somewhat amusing that the City of Bayswater seems to have taken a liking to edible borders around Morley.
I'll get some cabbage in March. If we don't end up using it we'll at least be able to feed it to the rabbit we'll have by then.
With the rabbit in mind I will probably also plant some lettuce, carrots and spinach to. He'll have to share the spinach with me though.

Currently I'm trying to get my spaghetti squash vine to actually produce some fruit. I has grown across the corner of the garden and up onto my washing line. It grows so quickly it's a little scary but despite having plenty of flowers it's yet to successfully set any fruit. I think we have a lack of bees so this morning I spread some pollen by hand. Fingers crossed.
I bought some lavender and some yellow annuals today that will hopefully begin to attract some bees.
My eggplant plants are yet to set any fruit as well but I planted them a little late so there's still time for them.
I have transplanted most of the strawberry plants Cathii and Evelyn gave me into the bed under the kitchen window and they seem to be thriving there so by next summer I should have quite a big strawberry patch.
I'm thinking about moving the large raised bed out from under the washing line so that I can put some pots there instead. This last season has taught me that I need to be able to reach my tomato plants easily for pruning, etc so they might be best grown in pots but I need to keep them shaded on the hottest days so it would be best if I can keep them under the washing line where I can put the shade cloth up.
I just need to decide whether to put the bed where it will get sun all day or where it will be partially shaded during the summer. I'm really not sure which would be best given both positions have advantages and disadvantages.

We picked up our special order of some polycarbonate sheets from Bunnings today. We're putting a roof up over the courtyard outside our bedroom window. We'll be putting our new outdoor setting we got for Xmas out there and the bunny will live out there when it's not so hot.
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Oi! I have several lavender that will be chucked in the compost if noone wants them :P
Don't do thst! I shall come and remove them for you :)
Not sure if you'd be interested, but if you like fish, you may want to do an aquaponics setup to complement your raised beds.
I'm totally interested, Em had an aquaponics set up at her place not long ago that I wanted to check out, but I'm not sure we have the room. I'll have to upload some photos of our garden - it's tiiiiny.