boo boo kitty fuck (stickykitty) wrote,
boo boo kitty fuck

Last week was freaking awesome :D

I had Thursday off work so I got to sleep in and bum around the house before getting ready to go to the Dresden Dolls gig. Dan and I picked up Ladyface and headed in to Mt Lawley where we bumped into Jo, Nova and Ju outside Cantina. We lined up and bumped into Yana and Sebastian who contributed dishes to the meal we cooked and ate with Amanda Palmer at the Fly By Night a few years ago.
I realy enjoyed the opening act - The Jane Austen Argument. I was so happy to finally hear Bad Wine and Lemon Cake live. It was one of my favourite songs on the Amanda Palmer Down Under Album. The Bedroom Philosopher was on after that but I missed a lot of his act as I was busy talking to pretty women. Hurr.
I drank too much too early but discovered that popcorn cures tipsyness very effectively and also made me very popular because everyone loves popcorn
The Dresden Dolls were amazing. It was hot and sweaty down the front and at som point I decided that keeping my makeup perfect was an impossibility and I may as well surrender to the sweat and just go crazy. We jumped up and down and sang along for Fight For Your Right and I headbanged and sang along for War Pigs with Travis and Dave. So awesome.
We hung around for signing afterwards and Dan got his traditional photo with Amanda pulling silly faces.
Then it was home and food and unconciousness.
Friday I also had the day off . I had lunch with my Mum at Havana in East Perth (yummy Gruyere, pumpkin and thyme pizza) before heading off to Vi Park for my tattoo appointment. Holy shit balls you guys - it's GORGEOUS. The outline has been finished and I got back on the 3rd of Feb to finish it off so I'll post more about it then.
I found out there was a ninja gig planned on Saturday in Freo so I organised with Ladyface to have a picnic. I hate the drive to Freo but one we were there it was great. We had enough time to wander through the markets and get some fruit and mini cheesecakes and some crepes for our picnic then we went and set up on the grass with Yana and Sebastian.
Amanda came and she brought Brian with her which is really cool because at all the gigs I've been to he's never come out to sign or anything so I wasn't expecting him to do a ninja gig. We all moved into the shade and ate and drank and sang along and danced. We blew bubbles into the crowd and a little boy in nothing but a nappy walked up to Amanda while she was singing. It was fabulous and bohemian and pretty much a perfect day.
Ladyface's boyfriend cooked us dinner on Saturday night, Dan and I spent Sunday together watching movies and then I got a sleep in on Monday.

So yes, perfect perfect perfect.
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