boo boo kitty fuck (stickykitty) wrote,
boo boo kitty fuck

In my last post, the 2011 year in review meme, the only lyric I could think of to sum up my year was "Now you're just somebody that I used to know".
Now I think I'd like to add another - "Fuck yes, I am exactly the person that I want to be".

I'm learning not to react instantly to things. That sort of behaviour leads to me getting upset, depressed, jealous, etc.
Instead I give it time to sink in. Time to be digested and for things to be thought out logically. Time for some of the red hot emotion I often feel about things to settle in and cool off a little.
A good example of this is my response to a comment someone left on my Facebook yesterday. I was PISSED and my first reaction was to want to reply with several swears. I had somewhere to be though so I let it be and waited until I got home in the evening to respond. I'm glad I did. Several people have described my reaction as 'restrained'.
It applies to other parts of life too. Work dramas, family stuff, relationshippy poly things.
And even when I am still upset, depressed, jealous, etc. after having time to cool off I find that I am better able to explain why I feel that way and talk to others about it. Instead of becoming the sobby hyperventilating puddle of stress that I used to.
I feel like this is winning at life.
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