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Quod mens sibi proponere, caro efficere potest.

All that the mind can imagine, the flesh can accomplish.

12/31/12 05:37 pm - 2012: the year in review

2012: the year in reviewCollapse )

2/4/12 08:34 pm - Bunny + tattoo - with added photo goodness!

Bunny photos!Collapse )

I managed to get off work early on Tuesday so that we could get to the Cuddly Animal Farm before they closed. I sat down on a stool in the bunny pen and played with them while I tried to work out which one to take home. One of them bit my foot for fun so he was struck off the list. Then 4 of them tried to burgle my handbag. I forgot I had a carrot in it and had put my bag on the ground. They must have sniffed it out so they were burrowing through my things trying to get to it. Cheeky little buggers took a chunk out of the carrot before I stopped them.
I intended to get a male rabbit as having a boy desexed is less invasive and therefore less risky and cheaper. I did my research on how to tell the difference but they were all only babies and it was hard to be sure so I decided to just get the one I liked the most.
I chose this lovely little grey and white baby bunny. I'm calling it a 'she' but I really have no idea what sex she is. I'll find out when she goes to the vet. She had a brother with her who was much bigger so she might be the runt of the litter.
She spent her first night out in the hutch outside but the weather had either been to hot or too rainy for her to stay out there so she has a lovely playpen set up in the laundry whch we move out into the loungeroom when we are home. It's nice to sit with her and play while we're eating dinner or watching TV and the cats alternate between ignoring her or staring at her from a distance.
Yesterday she worked out how to play with a hard plastic cat toy ball with a bell in it that I gave her. She also plays with the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls. Today she spent a few hours with me in the veggie garden while I planted some seedlings (chard, silverbeet and beetroot). It didn't take long for her to nibble on my new seedlings!
We gave her a first name on Thursday. Hyzenthlay. Zen for short. We may add middle names later. :)

In other non-bunny related news I had an appointment yesterday to complete my new tattoo. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get it all done yesterday so I'll need to go back one more time to finish the shading and put the colour in. I'm very happy with it so far though.

Tattoo picsCollapse )

Er, actually I just realised it is bunny related because the tattoo is of Inle from Watership Down. But it's not *actual* bunny related. :)

1/29/12 08:18 pm

Bunny/garden stuff againCollapse )

After all of that Dan & I were both pretty hot and tired so our plans to go to Northbridge to celebrate Chinese New Year were put aside. I cooked some asparagus and haloumi for myself and made some garlic bread for Dan & I to share.

I bought a few things from Lush the other day so I think now I will run myself a nice bath and finish reading Anansi Boys while I soak. :)

1/28/12 11:55 pm - More garden stuff. And rabbit preparation.

Still talking about my garden! This time with added bunny talk. And superwoman soil moving skillz.Collapse )

1/26/12 11:49 am - Garden stuff

Garden update: probably boring to anyone but meCollapse )

1/18/12 06:16 pm

Good lord yesterday's post was HAPPY. And full of spelling and grammar errors.
I blame exhaustion and one too many phenergan tablets.

1/17/12 09:44 pm

Last week was freaking awesome :D

I had Thursday off work so I got to sleep in and bum around the house before getting ready to go to the Dresden Dolls gig. Dan and I picked up Ladyface and headed in to Mt Lawley where we bumped into Jo, Nova and Ju outside Cantina. We lined up and bumped into Yana and Sebastian who contributed dishes to the meal we cooked and ate with Amanda Palmer at the Fly By Night a few years ago.
I realy enjoyed the opening act - The Jane Austen Argument. I was so happy to finally hear Bad Wine and Lemon Cake live. It was one of my favourite songs on the Amanda Palmer Down Under Album. The Bedroom Philosopher was on after that but I missed a lot of his act as I was busy talking to pretty women. Hurr.
I drank too much too early but discovered that popcorn cures tipsyness very effectively and also made me very popular because everyone loves popcorn
The Dresden Dolls were amazing. It was hot and sweaty down the front and at som point I decided that keeping my makeup perfect was an impossibility and I may as well surrender to the sweat and just go crazy. We jumped up and down and sang along for Fight For Your Right and I headbanged and sang along for War Pigs with Travis and Dave. So awesome.
We hung around for signing afterwards and Dan got his traditional photo with Amanda pulling silly faces.
Then it was home and food and unconciousness.
Friday I also had the day off . I had lunch with my Mum at Havana in East Perth (yummy Gruyere, pumpkin and thyme pizza) before heading off to Vi Park for my tattoo appointment. Holy shit balls you guys - it's GORGEOUS. The outline has been finished and I got back on the 3rd of Feb to finish it off so I'll post more about it then.
I found out there was a ninja gig planned on Saturday in Freo so I organised with Ladyface to have a picnic. I hate the drive to Freo but one we were there it was great. We had enough time to wander through the markets and get some fruit and mini cheesecakes and some crepes for our picnic then we went and set up on the grass with Yana and Sebastian.
Amanda came and she brought Brian with her which is really cool because at all the gigs I've been to he's never come out to sign or anything so I wasn't expecting him to do a ninja gig. We all moved into the shade and ate and drank and sang along and danced. We blew bubbles into the crowd and a little boy in nothing but a nappy walked up to Amanda while she was singing. It was fabulous and bohemian and pretty much a perfect day.
Ladyface's boyfriend cooked us dinner on Saturday night, Dan and I spent Sunday together watching movies and then I got a sleep in on Monday.

So yes, perfect perfect perfect.

1/10/12 07:14 pm - Winning at life

Adding to the winning at life feeling - I have the most awesome friend with benefits/unofficial girlfriend right now. It's not really a new thing, we've been seeing each other for a few months but I haven't really mentioned it anywhere.
But yes, she's fabulous, gorgeous, smart and a little bit geeky and she likes me. So I'm totally winning at life. :D

1/9/12 07:41 pm

In my last post, the 2011 year in review meme, the only lyric I could think of to sum up my year was "Now you're just somebody that I used to know".
Now I think I'd like to add another - "Fuck yes, I am exactly the person that I want to be".

I'm learning not to react instantly to things. That sort of behaviour leads to me getting upset, depressed, jealous, etc.
Instead I give it time to sink in. Time to be digested and for things to be thought out logically. Time for some of the red hot emotion I often feel about things to settle in and cool off a little.
A good example of this is my response to a comment someone left on my Facebook yesterday. I was PISSED and my first reaction was to want to reply with several swears. I had somewhere to be though so I let it be and waited until I got home in the evening to respond. I'm glad I did. Several people have described my reaction as 'restrained'.
It applies to other parts of life too. Work dramas, family stuff, relationshippy poly things.
And even when I am still upset, depressed, jealous, etc. after having time to cool off I find that I am better able to explain why I feel that way and talk to others about it. Instead of becoming the sobby hyperventilating puddle of stress that I used to.
I feel like this is winning at life.

12/31/11 03:02 pm - 2011: the year in review

2011Collapse )
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